Basic Studies

Collection  •  Information  •  Prognosis  •   Measuring systems

 Traffic surveys
For planning and operational questions a reliable data basis is a necessary prerequisite. Our service offer contains manual and automatic traffic counts at screen-lines and intersections as well as speed measurements and surveys of floating car data (FCD). Our staff members give support in choosing and applying the most effective and economic measuring method according to your requirements. We are ready to process and analyse the collected data with specific software.

 Traffic analysis, forecasts and projections
From already existing data we can extract the required and most important information. On the basis of these data we carry out different statistical analyses, forecasts and extrapolations, including plausibility checks and data evaluation of permanent automatic counting stations and axle load registration systems, automatic video analyses as well as the developing of trend forecasts. For the evaluation of the data we implement in-house developed software, for detailed statistical analyses we apply the statistical software package SAS.

 Congestion detection and forecasts
Due to the continuously increasing traffic volume congestions frequently arise particularly on highways. With our prognosis software we are able to ascertain the future traffic situation and deduce forecasts of the traffic state. The core of the forecast are hourly traffic volumes on the basis of permanent automatic counting stations and the consideration of calendaric influences. Results of traffic state forecasts can e.g. be the basis for construction site management systems, which can also be provided online. Based on ex-post analyses the quality of the forecasts is continuously reviewed, and modelling approaches are optimised.

 Testing of traffic measuring systems
Automatic devices for traffic recording are used for the collection of traffic and velocity data. To deduce recommendations as exactly as possible on the basis of the collected data detectors must fulfil specific requirements concerning the accuracy of recording. We carry out functional and accuracy tests of systems for traffic recording (e.g. induction loops, radar traffic classifier). The tests can be carried out by the comparison of single vehicles using video measurements according to the guidelines of TLS (Technical Supply Conditions for Roadside Stations, edition 2002). Thereby the total volume of vehicles as well as the accuracy of classification according to e.g. 8+1 vehicle types can be checked.