Interdisciplinary services

Solutions  •  Project coordination

 Technical software solutions and IT services
Appropriate software is essential to answer current questions in traffic and environmental planning and provide efficient consulting services. In close cooperation with our customers we conceive and realise innovative projects according to individual requests and requirements. These include amongst others interface programmes for data transfer between different systems and software packages as well as programms for static and dynamic visualisation of data in intranet and internet. Another main focus is placed on the conception and development of software in the field of geographical information systems and data base programming for data management and analysis.

 Project management and international project coordination
The successful running of major projects, particularly in different EU support programmes, requires both operationally and technically an efficient organisation and coordinated cooperation of several research teams. In this regard we have many years of experience and numerous contacts at national and international level. Our activities include the technical and financial development of concepts for projects in the field of passenger and goods traffic as well as the coordination and technical support of interdisciplinary, Europe-wide consortia.