Geographical information systems

Digital mapping  •  Geocoding

 Digital mapping
The representation of georeferenced data in a visual form provides considerable advantages for the analysis and interpretation of coherences and changes. An important application area of visualisation techniques is digital mapping. Our activities include the construction of complex maps from vector, raster and thematic data as well as the creation of digital thematic and statistical maps e.g. concerning traffic volumes, emissions or location of census points. We also offer consul- ting on a conceptual level e.g. visualisation of technical themes or development of suitable layouts. For the presentation of georeferenced data in analogue and digital maps we apply the software packages MapInfo and ArcView.

Geographical information systems provide the technical premises for an efficient management and multifunctional processing of network and regional specific road data. The thematic data of the Federal States, which are used for road planning, are transferred into the Federal Highway Information System (BISStra) and amongst others visualised pursuant to the course of road network. Our activities include the geo- coding and association of data to the geographic road data of the BISStra according to the road information bank instructions (ASB) as well as the road network administration of the ASB data.